How to Conduct This Course

How to Conduct This Course

Fraud prevention requires a church-wide investment, and more is gained if the training is done in groups with ample time reserved for discussion and questions.

Church Law & Tax, with CPA and senior editorial advisor Vonna Laue, created this course so that anyone can lead members and staff through it.

If you’re the designated facilitator at your church, your primary tasks will be to:

  • Coordinate presentation times,
  • Stream the videos, and
  • Make sure each participant has a guide and any supplemental materials. 

The training is divided into three modules. Each contains the essential information for individuals serving in a specific role. Those involved in financial matters, receive a more detailed module.

The modules include:

  • Training for Board Members (2 videos, with a total run time of 15 minutes, plus total discussion time of approximately 30 to 45 minutes),
  • Training for Pastors and Senior Leadership (4 videos, with a total run time of 30 minutes, plus total discussion time of approximately 45 to 60 minutes),
  • Training for Financial Staff and Volunteers (8 videos, with a total run time of 50 minutes, plus total discussion time of approximately 60 to 90 minutes).

We recommend that the training for board members and pastors/senior leadership each be conducted in a group setting—either in person or via a shared online platform such as Zoom. While training for financial staff and volunteers can be done individually, it is ideal if a staff member can be present when volunteers go through the training.

Each module contains:

  • A Participant's Guide (PDF),
  • Links to additional articles on (found in the Participant’s Guide),
  • Supplemental checklists (PDF only available in the Financial Staff and Volunteers module).

Frequency of training:

We recommend you provide annual training. This ensures existing staff get reminders and refreshers of best practices. It also provides a set time to review any changes in policies or procedures. This course should be included in any onboarding of new staff or finance volunteers.

Access to training:

You receive access to the training for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please use the email and password you set up for this Teachable course. 

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